AHNB’s Award of Distinction 2021

AHNB’s Award of Distinction 2021, was presented to the Fredericton Region Museum in recognition of their impressive exhibition “Our Black History: Early Black Settlers of York-Sunbury Counties, 1783-Present.”This exhibition is noteworthy in its presentation of new, insightful information on the Black History of the York-Sunbury counties and its use of virtual reality, video-voice, and touchscreen technology to tell the stories of Black Loyalists and their descendants who have contributed so greatly to the history of the region. It is set in a visually appealing architectural replication of St. Peters Anglican Church, a provincial historic site.Based on the extensive research of a diverse team of volunteers and student interns, the exhibit brought together community members, overcame constraints, and sensitively displayed essential and empowering content in an inspirational manner. The exhibition is significant in that it showcases the importance of inclusion and the value of telling the stories of diverse cultures that have made outstanding and often little-known contributions to the province and to the country.

Congratulations to Dr. Cynthia Wallace-Casey, member of the ERU!