Regard historique sur l’évaluation des apprentissages au secondaire au Québec : quels sont les problématiques et les objets des recherches depuis 1995?

Educational assessment has been the subject of much investigation during the last three decades. The competency-based approach to school curricula beginning in the 1995s (Conseil supérieur de l’éducation [CSE], 2003; Dionne, 2005; Laurier, 2014) has impacted research in this field. Challenges in incorporating evaluation within a competency-based approach led us to conduct a systematic review of the literature in these areas from 1995 to 2021 in order to offer readers a global view of this field at the secondary level. This allowed us to select a set of 37 articles for analysis. This review of the literature shows that the research that was conducted during this period can be grouped into three themes: How to attest to the level of competence of students? How to integrate the assessment of learning into teaching approaches? Why evaluates students? These three themes are not mutually exclusive, but the analysis of themes and objectives in the literature makes it possible to delineate them.

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