The Making History/Faire de l’histoire


The Making History: Narratives and Collective Memory in Education / Faire de l’histoire: Récits et mémoires collectives en éducation
The Educational Research Unit (ERU) advances the production of historical knowledge by providing a site for collaborative, bilingual research into educational history, focusing on the Outaouais Region, and the University of Ottawa’s role within it. The ERU aims to make visible historical archival sources in local boards of education and other educational sites, and to collect more records through its digital oral history centre. It aims to encourage academic analysis and dissemination of these records by graduate students as well as the ERU members, and the inclusion of such records into curriculum products by undergraduate students in both the Anglophone and Francophone sectors. The ERU will be particularly attentive to educational history which is interdisciplinary, bilingual, and sensitive to issues of race, place, culture and gender as constituent forces in the making of history. The ERU will create and support organizational infrastructure through its website, and its digital oral history centre, the provision of office space for storing digital recordings, the training of students and the transcription of data. The intellectual products of our joint academic efforts will be disseminated through invited seminars, conferences and an edited collection.

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